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NOTE: Sunday June 2 both the taproom and patio will be closed for a private event until 2pm.

Thursday Music – Jennings Durand

April 27, 2023

Jennings Durand is a singer-songwriter from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania — via Memphis, Tennessee and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  His life responsibilities, jobs, and loves include (in no particular order) — father of 4, husband and stepfather to 3, litigation lawyer (see the photo?), runner, soccer coach, sports fan, reader with about 24 books on the nightstand “next up” pile from all types of subjects, and — oh yes, musician!  With all that going on, he does not often get a chance to perform, but he loves when the timing works right.  Jennings started writing songs when his dad sent him to college with an old guitar, and ever since, Jennings’ songwriting has been an escape, a means of reflection, a way to capture key memories and moods, and hopefully a way to offer some fun (or at least something mildly interesting) to people who happen to listen.  Jennings’ music has been compared to Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, and John Prine, but Jennings thinks those comparisons are completely crazy because he’s just a regular guy.


In 2018, Jennings released his album September Stars, which took a few years to get finished with the help of a whole crew of extraordinarily talented musicians and producers from Bryn Athyn and the greater Philadelphia community.  Since its release, September Stars has earned Jennings literally dozens of cents from worldwide royalties from all your favorite streaming platforms, and Jennings has a few boxes of CDs that became relics of old technology about as soon as they were produced.  Car makers, please start putting CD players back into cars!  We can’t all be bound to in-car bluetooth and streaming services, right?  What will people listen to when the Last of Us apocalypse arrives if there aren’t old CD players lying around?