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Bitchin’ Kitchen

Featuring seasonal menu items and a variety of vegan/vegetarian options, our menu has something for everyone. Please let your server know of any allergies and we will try to accommodate you.


Vegan & Vegetarian Dishes


Hand Crafted Cocktails

Variety of appetizers with fried shrimp and hot wings

Small Plates & Shareables

Finger Foods

Shio Koji marinade provides extra tenderness and flavor to our wings. Fried to perfection and tossed in your choice of sauce: Buffalo, Creamy Garlic, Blue-BQ, General Tso, Chipotle Aioli.

Fried Cauliflower
Beer battered tempura Cauliflower bites tossed in vegan friendly Buffalo, Creamy Garlic, Blue-BQ, General Tso, Chipotle

Beer Cheese Dip
A combination of cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, and mascarpone melted along with our beer served with crostini

Chicken Tenders and Fries
House made Shio Koji marinated tenders fried to perfection with our crispy fries


Add a protein to your salad your choice Chicken or Crab

House Salad
Artisanal greens pickled onions cucumbers marinated tomatoes with a lemon vinaigrette

Caesar Salad
Crisp Romaine croutons Caesar dressing shaved parmesan

Kale Salad
Sautéed kale, pickled onion, roasted radishes, cashews, and chickpeas with a creamy garlic dressing



Crispy Fries
House made fried to perfection with our very own ketchup

Onion Rings
Beer battered Tempura with our very own ketchup

Eggplant Fries
Crispy fried eggplant fries with homemade marinara dipping sauce

Pizza Frite

House fermented tomato sauce, basil pesto, fresh mozzarella

Crispy roasted mushrooms, creamy garlic sauce, fermented tomato sauce and sautéed kale

Eggplant Balls
Fried Roasted eggplant garbanzo balls with sautéed kale, spinach, and arugula in a creamy garlic sauce

Pulled Chicken Blue-BQ
Jersey inspired Blueberry and Tomato BBQ sauce pulled chicken melty cheddar cheese


Choose from flour or corn tortilla.

Slow braised beef tacos, Oaxaca cheese with consommé to dip

Vegan Birria
Braised jackfruit with crispy mushrooms cashew sauce with consommé to dip



All sliders are served on House Bun.  2 sliders per order.

House Burger
House ground patty, lettuce, choice of cheese (cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, gruyere) with house made bacon jam

Fried Chicken
Shio Koji marinated chicken, dipped in beer tempura batter. Served with house pickles and chipotle aioli.

Tempeh Seitan Patty
Roasted lentil, chickpea, and ground seitan patty, lettuce with house made mushroom jam


Dessert & coffee

Cupcake kitten caboodle (flight):

4 mini cupcakes from Caketeria (Newtown).   The Kitten Caboodle cupcake flight typically includes 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla, and 2 seasonal flavors (please ask your server for the current selection).

Sugar Cookies (2) - Cat shaped cookies from Caketeria (Newtown).

French Press Coffee - 20 oz. or 33 oz. French press coffee from Pretty Bird Coffee (Yardley).



Fresh Beer On Tap & To Go

Bitchin’ Kitten Brewery will feature 12 taps of fresh handcrafted ales and lagers in our tap room and also in cold 16 ounce 4-packs to go. There’s always something brewin’ at BKB, so check in often to see our latest tasty beers!

Imperial Pumpkin Ale
- 9.8% ABV

Cat-O-Lantern is a scary amber ale that clocks in at a big 10% ABV! Malty notes balance with pumpkin and spices that deliver pleasing notes of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.

Twisted Whiskers
New England Style IPA (NEIPA) - 4.7% ABV

Twisted Whiskers takes you back to the basics of why we all fell in love with New England Style IPAs. Sporting a hazy golden color and subtle creaminess, Twisted Whiskers entices with a fruity hop nose and citrusy flavor that will keep you coming back for more!

Honest Abe’s Tabby
American Ale
- 7% ABV

Brewed in honor of the first president to bring kittens (Tabby and Dixie) into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, our American Ale sports a beautiful golden color with a gentle drinkability. Clean and refreshing, this is a go-to beer any time of the year.

Boujee Cat (COMING SOON)
Raspberry Wheat
- 5% ABV

Sassy and classy, Boujee Cat delivers with a refreshing Wheat Beer flavor and follows up with a delightful fresh raspberry nose and playful pink color. The fruit adds a gentle tartness to this satisfying and drinkable ale. Get Boujee with it!

West Coast IPA
- 6% ABV

Big hoppy flavor paired with a strong malty backbone makes Dewclaw the West Coast style IPA that will scratch your itch! Loaded with classic California-style hops, this dry hopped beauty lands a bitter swipe with a satisfying finish that will cut you to the quick!

Cheshire Cat (COMING SOON)
Bourbon Barrel Maple Porter
- 7% ABV

Cheshire Cat is a devilish Porter that will have you grinning from ear to ear! Bold roasted flavor with a hint of chocolate blends with bourbon barrel oak to create a complex, but approachable, Porter. Finished off with a sweet note of maple syrup and strawberry. Enjoy!

Cait Sidhe: The King of Kats (COMING SOON)
Dry Irish Stout - 5.5% ABV

Pronounced “Caught Shee" our Dry Irish Stout is named after Cait Sidhe, the legendary King of Kats. Like it’s namesake, our Stout is black as a cat & smooth as it’s fur! Roasty flavor with gentle maltiness, this has all the highlights of the drinkable Gaelic classic. Sláinte!

Chief Mouser: #10 Downing St. (COMING SOON)
Extra Special Bitter (ESB) - 4.5% ABV
Chief Mouser is a richly flavored, medium-bodied traditional English style Extra Special Bitter (ESB). But don’t let the bitter fool you! Our ESB showcases a delicate balance between malty goodness and mellow hop bitterness. Subtly earthy and herbal, it’s an English pub favorite!

German Rex (COMING SOON)
German Wheat
- 5% ABV

Much like the popular German cat breed, our Wheat Beer is lively, playful, and distinguished. Golden and hazy with dancing subtle notes of banana and clove, German Rex is a solid tribute to the captivating German Wheat beer style. Raise a glass and cheer “Prost!”.



Black Cat Julep
Gin was made for Juleps! We add a dash of Black Currant liqueur with lemon juice, syrup, and a craft-made mixed berry marinated garnish.


Bloody Claw
Featuring New Liberty Distillery’s phenomenal Bloody Butcher Bourbon, grapefruit juice and a touch of honey syrup.


A classic Vodka cocktail with Triple Sec, lime and cranberry juice that will tickle your whiskers!


Chat Noir
Dark Rum and Ginger Beer create a dark and moody cocktail with a touch of lime.

Hemingway’s Porch Rocker
Rum, pineapple and cranberry juice are mixed with a splash of coconut milk to create the perfect drink for hanging out on the porch with your kitties!


Scratching Post
A sweet and satisfying cocktail featuring Vodka shaken with Banana Crème Liqueur and Pineapple Juice.


Fuego Gato
A classic Margarita with a touch of Strawberry Hot Sauce helps marry sweet and spicy in a perfect blend. (Available without Hot Sauce)



Rum My Tummy
A classic White Rum shooter blended with lemon juice, syrup, and grenadine.


Tiger on Beat
A sweet and citrusy old-school Gin shooter with honey, and lemon juice.


Feline Frisky
Pumpkin Pie Moonshine shooter with cinnamon, nutmeg and all the spices you love!


Lemon Drop, Kitty Hop
Ready? Set? Drop! Vodka, lemon juice and Triple Sec create a time-honored shooter that everyone loves.


Natural citrus flavors infuse this rich red wine, creating a lively and complex fruit punch with a kick! Great for a unique aperitif.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Barrel-aged in French and Pennsylvania oak, this dry and delicate Cabernet Sauvignon has lingering flavors of ripe berry with a hint of anise.

This semi-dry wine is bright and refreshing with floral highlights and flavors of ripe, tropical fruit with an aromatic, slightly spicy finish.

This elegant European-style Chardonnay is fresh, well-balanced with fruity hints of apples and pears, a floral nose and a lingering butterscotch finish.

Chocolate Cherry Truffle
This full-flavored Port-style wine has a complex aroma of dark chocolate mingled with notes of black cherry, ripe plum and toasted oak. On the palate, the taste is rich and sweet with a satisfying, warm finish. They call this wine "dessert-in-a-bottle"! The perfect complement to a terrific meal.